DD EC-1 Diamond Coring Tool

1450 W,
drilling diameters 8 - 35 mm


Drills through reinforced bars up to 100 % sash
"Plug and drill" - ready for use within seconds
Thanks to the new DDC core bits and TopSpin technology, the DD EC-1 drills through various types of steel reinforced concrete, marble, etc.
Electronic water management: The pump and extraction funtion are activated / deactivated automatically by the drilling machine control switch
No dust, no dirty water: The built-in drilling slurry extraction system makes unrestricted use possible


Precise anchor holes and through holes of 8 - 35 mm can now be drilled neatly and tidily

DD 130 Diamond Coring Tool

1900 W,
drilling diameters 8 - 162 mm


Drills quickly and neatly in reinforced conrete, natural stone, masonry and asphalt
Designed for both wet and dry coring without modification
Mobile and efficient: can be set-up and operated easily by a single person
High-performance 1600 W motor with plenty of power in reserve
Three gears for optimum power transmission and to suit the core bit diameter and material


DD-BI PCM Diamond Core Bits

- For through holes up to 152 mm diameter in concrete with rig (8 - 62 mm hand-held) and 162 mm in masonry
- Wet drilling in concrete with drillstand / up to 152 mm
- Wet drilling in concrete hand-held / up to 62 mm
- Dry drilling in masonry hand-held / up to 162 mm
- Anchor holes
- Drilling test cores
- Through holes for plumbing installations
- Through holes for heating installations
- Through holes for electrical installations
- Electrical socket cutting
- Through holes for telecom installations
- Anchoring railings
- Through holes in brittle materials
- Through holes in inhabited buildings
- Through holes close to edges
- Through holes for ventilation
- Fastening signs, including road signs